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  • 100 Days Of Favor: Daily Readings From Unmerited Favor

    In 100 Days Of Favor, Joseph Prince invites you to embark on a purposeful and powerful journey in discovering and experiencing the unmerited favor of God. Dive headfirst into the vast ocean of God’s favor and learn how it releases good success in your life. You will develop a strong sense of favor-consciousness and see God empowering you with every blessing to overcome every challenge in your life. Beloved, take a rest from the stress that comes with depending on your own strength, willpower and intelligence to achieve the results you desire. Pull yourself away from the busyness of life to saturate yourself in life-transforming truths from God’s Word. As you step into the realm of God’s unmerited favor, you will discover how you can experience a victorious life God’s way, with results that will be far more awesome and effective than you can ever achieve on your own. Make the decision today to dive into the vastness of God’s love for you. Delve into 100 Days Of Favor and immerse yourself in a journey that will impact and change your life forever!

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  • Grace the Power of the Gospel

    Are you tired of feeling like you can never do enough to earn your salvation? Do you long for freedom from religious and legalistic bondage? The answer lies in asking the right question: “What did Jesus do?” Recent surveys show that many Christians still believe they must meet a certain standard to be “good” enough, but the truth is that Jesus already met that standard for us. By understanding the Apostle Paul’s revelation in Romans, you can finally experience the freedom and peace that come from resting in Jesus’ finished work. Say goodbye to striving and hello to salvation based on divine wisdom.


    Andrew Wommack

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  • Love : Fulfilling the Ultimate Quest

    Love, a concept so profound and yet elusive, holds the key to our ultimate fulfillment. But who truly comprehends its depths? Love cannot be seen or grasped, and often we struggle to accept it, fearing vulnerability in expressing it to others.

    Introducing “Love Fulfilling The Ultimate Quest” by Dr. James P. Gills, a devoted husband and father who breathes life into the very essence of love. Dr. Gills humbly acknowledges that he hasn’t mastered the art of loving, but he invites you on a transformative journey to embark upon life’s ultimate quest together.

    Within the pages of this extraordinary book, you will uncover the essential character of love and gain a profound understanding of what real love truly is under God’s grace. Delve into an in-depth exploration of the five different types of love—epithumia, eros, philia, storge, and agape—that beautifully encapsulate the dynamics of love itself. But that’s not all—Dr. Gills goes even further by shedding light on two additional types of love: selfishness and commitment.

    Each page of this captivating book is adorned with famous and anonymous quotes about love, igniting a flame of inspiration within your heart. Moreover, you will find comprehensive reference pages containing scriptures on love, allowing you to delve deeper into the profound wisdom of the Bible.

    “Love Fulfilling The Ultimate Quest” is more than just a book; it is an encounter that will revolutionize your relationships, deepen your understanding of yourself, and awaken the transformative power of love within your life. Dr. Gills, with his compassionate and insightful voice, leads you through a sacred journey of self-discovery, guiding you toward a love that transcends boundaries, heals wounds, and brings true fulfillment.

    Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Order your copy of “Love Fulfilling The Ultimate Quest” today and unlock the transformative power of love. Embrace a life of deep connection, purpose, and joy as you embark on the most significant quest of all—finding and sharing the love that completes you. Your destiny awaits—embrace it now!

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  • Provision Promises

    Are you ready to walk in the abundant life that Jesus came to give you as promised in John 10:10?

    Let your heart be encouraged and refreshed as you delve into the pages of Provision Promises.  Packed with bite-sized practical wisdom and faith-filled inspirations from the Word of God, this book will enlarge your revelation of Jesus’ grace and the abundant life you have through His finished work. Meditate on His promises for you today and increase your capacity to receive from your heavenly Father!

    Your provision is wrapped up in JESUS!

    This book will inspire you to experience God’s provision for your life. You will learn to rest in His love and favor toward you and your family.

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  • The exceeding riches of his grace

    The world has long waited for this season: the moment the church will take its rightful place, hold the reins of power and provide solutions to the world’s multifold woes. This is the era of exceeding and unsurpassable greatness in the body of Christ, when the saints of God are ourfitted to manifest the redemptive treasures of the kingdom for the rescue of the world around them. This is the realm of glorification for the saints. Such glorious realm, howbeit, cannot be attained in the energy of the flesh. It is grace that makes great; and exceeding grace it is that makes exceedingly great.

    ln this epic book, Dr David Oyedepo unrravels the unmatchable riches of God’s grace with a fervour that will drive every believer to plunge into its unlimited provisions. He maintains that there is no limit to the heights the exceeding grace of God can take any man. You can go beyond the limits and fly to unthinkable horizons.


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  • The Power of Favour

    Experience the power of God’s favor in your life with our uplifting book, filled with divine wisdom and spiritual inspiration. Discover how declaring God’s love will bring blessings of favor and fulfillment, helping you to achieve what you couldn’t on your own. With Joel Osteen’s encouragement, you’ll see how God’s goodness uplifts you every day, providing you with divine empowerment and opening doors of opportunity that you never thought possible.

    Our journal is the perfect companion to this book, with selected quotes and inspiration from The Power of Favor, and premium, thick, no-bleed paper that will last for years to come. Whether you use it to record your prayers for God’s favor or document how His favor works in your life, this journal will become a cherished keepsake that you will look back on time and time again.

    God has called you out, set you apart, and chosen you to live a distinctively favored life. With our book and journal, you can experience the force of His favor and overcome any challenges that you face. So, don’t wait any longer. Order your copy today and start living a life filled with God’s blessings of favor and fulfillment.

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  • The War is Over

    Discover the victory that was won nearly 2000 years ago and experience the peace that Jesus promised. No longer do you have to fight the battle of sin and judgment. In this book, you will learn how the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross paid the price for your sin once and for all. God sent His only Son to become sin itself and then judged Him without mercy so that you could be reconciled with Him.

    Are you tired of feeling the weight of condemnation and fear? Are you ready to receive the promised blessings of God? The answers you seek are within this book. With divine wisdom, it will release you from the condemnation of judgment and fear, and free you to experience the peace that Jesus promised. Don’t continue to fight a battle that has already been won. Embrace the victory and live a life free from the burden of sin. Get your copy of this book today and experience the freedom that comes from knowing the truth.


    Andrew Wommack

    10.300 CFA
  • The Wonders of Salvation

    The greatest need of man today is not wealth, fame or power, but the need for a relationship with our Creator, which begins with salvation. Being saved, which means accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life, is the most important decision anyone can ever make.
    Salvation is like an ‘all-in-one capsule’ with several vitamins in it, but not many have found this, because it seems so simple, yet so powerful. Just one dose of it can provide the satisfaction, longevity, health, deliverance, prosperity, safety and power that the whole world craves for today (Revelations 5:12).

    This new book by Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo covers:

    • The true meaning of salvation as it relates to diverse areas of one’s life
    • The importance of your salvation and its benefits to you
    • A step-by-step guide on how you can be instantly saved, grow in your walk with God, and many more.

    Clearly, all you have ever longed for can be found by making this one simple but powerful decision. As you unravel the truth in this book, get set for an empowerment of a lifetime.

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  • Unconditional Joy

    Are you tired of constantly searching for happiness, but always feeling like something is missing? Look no further than Dr. Glenn Nowell’s new book, where he provides a unique perspective on the truths found in the Beatitudes.

    With a seven-step prescription for solving even the most chronic and seemingly hopeless problems, this book offers a powerful tool for anyone looking to improve their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Discover the essence of biblical spirituality and the Christian life, and learn how to experience unconditional joy that surpasses mere happiness.

    According to the apostle Paul, it is God’s will for you to “Be joyful always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16). With this powerful message, Dr. Nowell reminds us that we can always have joy, even in the midst of life’s most challenging moments.

    In a world that often glamorizes dysfunction, this book offers a clear, biblical path to emotional health, spiritual wellbeing, and lasting joy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover the true meaning of joy, and take control of your life today.

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