Not a Novice

By (author)Dag heward-mills

A novice is new to something; he is a beginner. God is not someone newly appointed or newly created. There is nothing about God that makes Him new. He is the beginning! God has existed for all time. He is the Lord God Almighty, the everlasting Lord. We are the ones who are likely to be novices. We are the ones making new discoveries every day. A novice is open to many dangers like pride. It is the pride of a novice that causes him to lift himself up against authorities that have been established for years. Lucifer was a novice who was condemned because of his pride! He fell into “the condemnation of the devil”. Lucifer’s greatest mistake was that he did not have a proper estimate of himself in relation to God. Through these thought-provoking chapters, may you take the teachings on the pride of a novice with all seriousness, lest you live to fulfill every single point in this book to your own undoing and condemnation. Be delivered from every danger of a novice!

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