The Anointing of Ease

God desires that His children get profits for their labour.Yet many men and women genuinely labour, day in day out, without success to show for their efforts. What they lack is the anointing of ease.This book reveals the dangers of operating outside theanointing of ease. It also discusses the innumerable benefits offunctioning under this unique anointing: rest for the weary calmfor every storm, ease of accomplishment, success galorewithout stress and destiny fulfillment. It offers the game-changeryour life has been waiting for-an encounter with the anointing ofease. Get an impartation of the unusual anointing; say goodbyeto failure, labour, loss and profitless hardwork, and be usheredinto endless success and fulfillment.

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Title: The Anointing of Ease


1.The mystery of the anointing of Ease

2.The mystery of ease in creation

3. Impartation of the anointing of ease

4. Anointing of ease makes a difference

5. Perils of operating outside the realm of the anointing of ease

6. Benefits of the anointing of ease

7. Hindrances to the free flow of the anointing of ease

8. How to get plugged to the socket of The Blessing of Effortless Grace

Introduction: God’s Design for Profitable Labor

In this book a divine imperative unfolds – God’s desire for His children to reap the fruits of their labor. However, a poignant reality persists; many toil tirelessly, day in and day out, only to find success elusive. The missing element in their endeavors is identified as the transformative “anointing of ease.”

Unveiling the Perils: Dangers of Operating Without Ease

This compelling narrative unravels the hazards inherent in functioning outside the sphere of the Blessing of Effortless Grace. It scrutinizes the pitfalls of laboring without the divine ease that transforms efforts into tangible success, highlighting the importance of aligning with this divine grace.

The Unparalleled Benefits: Flourishing Under The Blessing of Effortless Grace

Within the pages of this revelatory text, readers are introduced to the manifold advantages of operating under the unique anointing of ease. Rest for the weary, calm amidst storms, and the ease of accomplishment are elucidated as indispensable components of a life marked by success and fulfillment.

Unlocking the Game-Changer: A Life Transformed

The Blessing of Effortless Grace presents itself as the long-awaited game-changer that has the potential to revolutionize lives. An encounter with this extraordinary anointing is depicted as the key to bidding farewell to failure, laborious toil, and profitless endeavors. The book beckons readers to embrace a paradigm shift towards endless success and destiny fulfillment.

Impartation of the Unusual Anointing: A Transformational Encounter

A pivotal aspect of this narrative lies in the promise of impartation – the infusion of the unusual anointing of ease. Readers are invited to partake in this transformative encounter, bidding adieu to the shackles of failure, laborious endeavors, and unfruitful toil. The book serves as a conduit for a life characterized by success without the burden of stress.

Conclusion: Stepping into a Future of Fulfillment

In the closing chapters, the emphasis shifts towards a future characterized by fulfillment and prosperity. The Blessing of Effortless Grace is presented as the catalyst for a life devoid of loss, profitless hard work, and unfulfilled destinies. Readers are encouraged to take hold of this divine invitation and step into a future marked by boundless success.

Epilogue: A Call to Transformation

“The Blessing of Effortless Grace” concludes with a resounding call to transformation. It is not merely a book but a transformative guide, beckoning individuals to align with the divine plan for success, ease, and fulfillment. This revelation promises to be the catalyst for a life marked by divine grace, unburdened by stress, and ushered into a realm of enduring success


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