The Anointing of Ease

God desires that His children get profits for their labour.Yet many men and women genuinely labour, day in day out, without success to show for their efforts. What they lack is the anointing of ease.This book reveals the dangers of operating outside theanointing of ease. It also discusses the innumerable benefits offunctioning under this unique anointing: rest for the weary calmfor every storm, ease of accomplishment, success galorewithout stress and destiny fulfillment. It offers the game-changeryour life has been waiting for-an encounter with the anointing ofease. Get an impartation of the unusual anointing; say goodbyeto failure, labour, loss and profitless hardwork, and be usheredinto endless success and fulfillment.

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Chapter one: The mystery of the anointing of Ease

Chapter two: The mystery of ease in creation

Chapter three: Impartation of the anointing of ease

Chapter four: Anointing of ease makes a difference

Chapter five: Perils of operating outside the realm of the anointing of ease

Chapter six: Benefits of the anointing of ease

Chapter seven: Hindrances to the free flow of the anointing of ease

Chapter eight: How to get plugged to the socket of the anointing of ease

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Emmanuel Menie

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