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  • Am I Good for Nothing

    Anyone who does not use his God-given talents for the kingdom, is unfruitful and is the image of salt that has lost its savour. Jesus said, an unprofitable servant is good for nothing. Are you good for nothing in the kingdom? You are the salt of the earth, so you must make your presence felt in this earth! This prophetic and thought-provoking book about salt and its mysterious influence and prophetic usefulness to the kingdom of God, will have you deeply consider your usefulness or lack thereof, to God. You will learn in this challenging book what it means to be good for nothing by analysing and understanding the role of salt in our lives. May you NOT be good for nothing!

    Dag Heward-Mills

    10.000 CFA
  • Bema: Judgment and Justice

    In this insightful book, Dag Heward-Mills discusses what will happen at the BEMA – the judgment seat of Christ. Even though we are forgiven for our sins there is a judgment that awaits all believers. Judgment is based on what you have done, what is hidden and the motives for your actions. Decisions are very important in life. The absence of judgment is the absence of decisions! The absence of judgment leads to chaos! The author’s perspicacity in answering questions such as “What is Judgment?” “Why Judgment?”, and why God loves judgement, will lead you to the conclusion that judgment and justice are things that must be studied, understood and learnt in order to be ready for Judgment Day!

    Dag Heward-Mills

    20.000 CFA
  • Bible Faith Study Course

    These classic Bible Study Courses by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin have been reedited to include chapter review questions to further enhance your study of God’s Word. These teachings on the vital subjects of faith, prayer, the Holy Spirit and His gifts, and healing will show you how to live a life of victory and abundance!Hebrews 11:6 says, But without faith it is impossible to please him [God]. . . . If God demands that we have faith when it is impossible for us to have faith, then we have a right to challenge His justice. But since He places within our hands the means whereby faith can be produced, then we must take responsibility for whether or not we have faith.The Bible Faith Study Course takes you through the Word of God to teach you how faith is produced and how to turn your faith loose in every area of your life. These principles will enable you to please God and live victoriously in this life!Chapter titles include:
    — What Faith Is
    — How Faith Comes
    — How To Turn Your Faith Loose
    — What It Means To Believe With the Heart
    — Six Big Hindrances to Faith
    — The God-Kind of Faith

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  • Biblical Ways To Receive Healing

    It’s important to understand that healing is God’s will for everyone, but it’s just as important to know how to receive the healing that Jesus Christ has provided!

    In Biblical Ways To Receive Healing, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin examines the Scriptures in depth and explains several different ways you can receive healing. There is not just one way to receive healing – there are many, and all of them work!

    This informative study guide answers such questions as: How should I pray when I need healing? Can any believer lay hands on the sick? How do I receive and keep my healing? Is healing a spiritual gift?

    This dynamic 13-lesson study guide is designed for group or personal devotions.

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  • Bibliothèque Makarios : Pack de 100 livres

    Le Makarios offre une compilation de 100 ouvrages essentiels couvrant une vaste gamme de sujets, allant des fondements de la vie chrétienne à l’art d’être un leader efficace dans l’œuvre divine. Cette collection comprend :

    • Une série complète d’ouvrages dédiés au ministère pastoral,
    • Plusieurs livres explorant l’évangélisation et son importance cruciale,
    • Des publications approfondies sur la loyauté et la déloyauté, particulièrement pertinentes pour les dirigeants ecclésiastiques et les fidèles,
    • Des écrits éclairants sur la vie chrétienne, offrant des conseils pratiques et spirituels,
    • Des guides sur le mariage exemplaire et le service ministériel conjugal,
    • Une série dédiée à l’onction divine et son rôle dans la vie du croyant,
    • Des ouvrages détaillant les stratégies d’implantation et de croissance des églises.

    Dag heward-mills

    140.000 CFA
  • Commonsense Guide to Fasting

    Aren’t We Supposed to Fast?

    Think you know all about fasting?  Think again.  A Commonsense Guide to Fasting by Kennetih E. Hagin is full of surprises.  Drawing from the Old and New Testaments, Rev. Hagin encourages believers to examine and follow the scriptural reasons for fasting.  He discusses the proper length for a fast and presents a unique alternative to fasting the the Lord gave him.  Brief and to-the-point, this book will become a cherised part of your referene library.

    Among the questions Rev. Hagin answers in A Commonsense Guide to Fasting are these:

    • “The Bible tells us to fast, doesn’t it?”
    • “Isn’t it best to fast for 40 days like Jesus did?”
    • “Fasting means not eating any food, right?”

    “Fasting will change you.  It will help you keep the flesh under.  It will help you become more sensitive to the Spirit of God.” – Kenneth E. Hagin

    5.800 CFA
  • Daniel: Insight on the Life and Dreams of the Prophet from Babylon

    No other book in the Bible reveals more about God’s control over the course of history than Daniel. Today, with the rapid consolidation of political alliances and the rise of new world powers, every Christian needs to return to God’s Word to grasp His purpose and perspective.

    God used a young Jewish boy, taken captive and brought to serve in the court of the Babylonian kings, to announce the rise and fall of every kingdom that was to come. Could the foundation of that kingdom be taking shape today?

    David Yonggi Cho presents, chapter by chapter, a compelling exposition of the book of Daniel. Not only does this Old Testament book hold the prophetic keys to understanding history, but Daniel himself provides the most excellent example for all who desire to serve God with courage and conviction. Cho’s commentary and insights reveal how practical (realistic?) and relevant this ancient book of the Bible is today.

    6.525 CFA
  • Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Prophecy

    From Introduction: “There is a great confusion today about Bible prophecy. For that reason, it is my desire to clarify questions about Bible prophecy from the truths I have learned during many thousands of hours of Bible study…The questions contained in this text have been compiled from the many, many questeions received from friends throughout the U.S., Canada, and the world.”

    5.075 CFA
  • Fruitfulness

    The eternal purpose of God for us is that we should be fruitful. In John 15:16, the Lord Jesus admonished His disciples to “go and bring forth fruit”. God sees you as a tree that must bear fruit. In this practical book, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills takes us through various biblical Laws of Fruitfulness culled from the Bible. You will be stirred up to bear much fruit – fruit that will abide!

    Dag heward-mills

    12.000 CFA
  • God and the Transgender Debate

    In the West, more and more Christians are confronted with the subject of gender identity in their daily lives. Legislative changes are impacting more and more areas of life, including education, employment and public funding, with implications for religious freedom, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience that affect everyone. This, then, is a critical time to consider how to lovingly, thoughtfully, and biblically engage with one of the most explosive cultural debates of our time.

    This warm, faithful, and compassionate book, which helps Christians understand what the Bible says about gender identity, has been updated and expanded in its entirety. It now includes a section on the use of pronouns and a new chapter that challenges some of the claims of the transgender activist movement.

    Andrew T. Walker also answers questions such as: What is transgender and gender fluidity? How should churches respond? What does the word of God really say about these issues?

    What’s new?
    Here is a summary of the main changes made to the second edition:

    A section added to Chapter 5, “Should We Expect Non-Christians to Agree with Us?”
    A section in Chapter 6 on gender dysphoria
    A new Chapter 13, “Challenging the Transgender Movement”.
    More details on what the creation story teaches us about male and female identity.
    Tips for thinking about the use of pronouns.

    7.200 CFA
  • Going Deeper and Doing More

    It is very difficult to get somebody to have a drink when he is not thirsty. Only a hunger and thirst for God can start you on a journey to go deeper. Do you want to enjoy the deeper things of God? I am sure you do and that is why you are reading this gratifying book. Remember, “Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” May you be filled as you go deeper and do more!

    Dag heward-mills

    10.000 CFA
  • Guidelines to Effective Personal Bible Study

    Nothing seems more arousing than right of a biliever agonising on the altar of power for a deeper relationshiop with Jesus. But how would you feel seing Jesus in your prayer room, siting by your table and pointing to a seat beside him? It would shatter you religious structure to realise that Jesus mitht be saying that such desire is not obtainable on your knees but on your table. Will that make an immediate alteration on your daily schedule?

    Christians must outgrow that pathetic state where everything else has a slot in their daily schedule axcept the word. The time has comme to quit seing the Bible as a boring, impenetrable ancient scroll with no relevance to daily living.

    This book is an impassionned compass designed to bring the believers back to the Bible and guide them through tested organised approaches to studying the Bible and deriving optimal understanding on daily basis. Be ready for a renewed daily communion you have always longed to enjoy with Jesus.

    By the time you are through with this book by Pst (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo, your Bible will become your daily companion, studying the Word will become your daily desire, and your Word study life will never remain the same!


    5.000 CFA
  • Healing Promises

    Is healing alive and well in your life-the way you want it to be? God promised healing for His people. And God doesn’t break a promise. The same healing power you read about in the Bible is still around today. But where can you find that power? You’ll find it in God’s Word. And now, you’ll find the scriptures related to healing conveniently gathered into one book…Healing Promises. This hands-on healing manual is presented in a way to give you practical application of God’s healing Word in your life. And, to help give you deep insights into healing, Healing Promises offers four translations of each scripture including: * King James Version * The Amplified Bible * James Moffatt Translation * New English Bible God’s Word is full of healing promises…and Healing Promises is full of God’s Word.

    8.700 CFA
  • In Search of Blessings

    Jesus teaches His people through the Beatitudes that they can live a blessed life full of comfort, peace, fulfillment, strength, and relationship with God – the greatest blessing of all. Kathryn Kuhlman in her simple way explains that every person is given a choice – live in self–will or God’s will. She teaches how God’s children can take hold of his kingdom now through His promises. Why walk alone when you can walk with God?

    7.250 CFA
  • Live Long, Finish Strong: The Divine Secret to Living Healthy, Happy, and Healed

    In LIVE LONG, FINISH STRONG, Gloria Copeland presents a scripturally sound program to help readers claim the Bible promise of a long and blessed life . . . and a glorious death by “divine appointment.” Gloria believes the Bible teaches that God desires for every Christian to live healthily beyond 100. In this book, Gloria reveals that the secret to finding this “Bible-based fountain of youth” is in daily receiving by faith and obedience the life-giving Word of God and allowing it to energize and renew our bodies. Each chapter helps readers discover and implement the principles of this amazing process. Here is an insightful new look at God’s divine health plan for His children and a personal invitation by the author to join her in living a long and strong life until God calls us home in victory and triumph.

    7.250 CFA
  • Protection Promises

    Psalm 91 says God commands His angels to keep you safe. They have a special commission: They enforce God’s hundreds of promises to keep you from danger and harm. So no matter where you are-at home, at work, on vacation-God has promised to protect you. Learn more about those assurances of safety in Protection Promises. It’s filled with scriptures specifically about protection so you can fill your heart with God’s Word to give you ease. Plus, each chapter contains lists of God’s promises cited from multiple Bible versions for greater clarity. You’ll find chapters on protection, obedience and freedom from fear. You’ll even find verses that promise protection for your children. Build a hedge of protection around your family today-discover the Protection Promises available to you! Paperback Book.

    7.250 CFA
  • Smith Wigglesworth on the Power of Scripture

    Discover the profound teachings of Smith Wigglesworth, the renowned “Apostle of Faith,” as he unlocks the transformative power of the Bible. Through his legendary, miracle-filled meetings, Wigglesworth impacted the lives of millions of believers worldwide. Now, you can experience the same life-changing insights he shared with eager audiences.

    In “Smith Wigglesworth on the Power of Scripture,” you will delve into the exact transcriptions of his messages, delivered with an anointing and fervor that captivated listeners. Prepare to be empowered as you learn how to:

    • Receive physical and emotional healing, tapping into the divine health that Scripture promises.
    • Reap financial blessings, unlocking God’s abundant provision for your life.
    • Be free from fear, guilt, and shame, discovering the liberating truth found within the pages of the Bible.
    • Utilize spiritual warfare effectively, equipping yourself with the tools to overcome every challenge and opposition.
    • Lead the lost to Christ, as you share the life-transforming message of salvation.

    The Bible is a powerful tool that holds the key to unlocking God’s promises of abundance and miracles in your life. With Wigglesworth as your guide, you will gain the insights and understanding needed to access these blessings for your every need.

    Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to deepen your connection with Scripture and experience the life-altering impact of its truths. Order your copy of “Smith Wigglesworth on the Power of Scripture” today and embark on a journey of faith, miracles, and abundance. Let the wisdom of this legendary figure inspire and empower you to live a life overflowing with God’s blessings!

    9.900 CFA
  • The believer’s authority

    The Believer’s Authority is based on a power greater than the enemy’s. This bestseller is based on the epistle to the Ephesians, which tells us about this power: it will revolutionize your life. Authority is the good of every believer-not just a chosen few. When Christians know the truth, the enemy will no longer be able to dominate them. It will be impossible for Satan to dominate God’s people if Christians discover the authority that belongs to them in Christ Jesus. The devil will then understand that the faithful know that he is defeated. Walk in the light of this truth and do not allow Satan to rule another day. Act on the authority that Jesus has given you and you will not fail to win.

    8.850 CFA
  • The Nature Of God: Who is God…Really?

    Pastor of one of the largest church in the world. David Yonggi Cho emphasizes the importance of learning, understanding and applying biblical foundations that will take you deeper and deeper into the heart and nature of God. By illustrating the qualities and characteristics of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit in a simple and inviting style, this book helps you develop a ravenous appetite to learn more and share it with others! Discover a new understanding of righteousness and the importance of godly choices as you live under His watchful eye. God has called you to be set apart from this world, and He has a plan for everything, including you! The Nature of God is an excellent discipleship tool and primer for young or mature believers.In this book, Dr. Cho takes you directly to the path of forgiveness. For most people, getting on that path isn’t as difficult as staying there. Here you will find such awesome insight into God’s profound love for you that you may never wander off again!

    14.500 CFA
  • The New Bowl with The Salt: You are the Salt of the Earth

    The goal of the book:
    From God’s mouth to yours, use the word from the Bible to speak life into your circumstances, the new bowl signifies a new you, once you have given your life to Jesus and been baptized; a new identity in Christ has been embedded in you. This renewal of power would give you full authority to bring life into your house, your community, and the world for the advancement of the Kingdom.
    The salt is you.

    Rachel Misere

    4.899 CFA