Live Long, Finish Strong: The Divine Secret to Living Healthy, Happy, and Healed

By (author)Gloria COPELAND

In LIVE LONG, FINISH STRONG, Gloria Copeland presents a scripturally sound program to help readers claim the Bible promise of a long and blessed life . . . and a glorious death by “divine appointment.” Gloria believes the Bible teaches that God desires for every Christian to live healthily beyond 100. In this book, Gloria reveals that the secret to finding this “Bible-based fountain of youth” is in daily receiving by faith and obedience the life-giving Word of God and allowing it to energize and renew our bodies. Each chapter helps readers discover and implement the principles of this amazing process. Here is an insightful new look at God’s divine health plan for His children and a personal invitation by the author to join her in living a long and strong life until God calls us home in victory and triumph.

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Chapter 1: How old is old ?

Chapter 2: Set your sights on 120 (or more!)

Chapter 3: If they did it, why can’t we?

Chapter 4: Putting the gold back in the golden years

Chapter 5: Protecting your foundation of youth

Chapter 6: One sure way to shorten your life

Chapter 7: The ultimate guide to longevity

Chapter 8: Spiritual antioxidants: The rejuvenating power of the fruit of the spirit

Chapter 9: God’s healing promises: God at any age

Chapter 10: The live-long lifestyle of faith

Chapter 11: A divine departure

Afterword long life, strong life: otis “Dad” clark has weathere a century of storms

Live long, finish strong scriptures

Prayer for salvation and baptism in the Holy spirit


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