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  • That table that speaks

    To many modern Christians, Communion is a meaningless ritual. But the Communion Table is really a living reminder of the foundation of our faith. Jesus still speaks to us today through the Communion Table, but are we listening? The Table That Speaks shows Communion, not as a mere formality tacked on at the end of a service, but as a focal point of a vital faith in a living God!

    7.975 CFA
  • The Power of the Communion Table

    The Kingdom of God is a kingdom of mysteries. A vivid understanding of these mysteries gives you command in the affairs of life. When you have a firm grip of these mysteries, you gain command and disarm every opposition.

    Pastor Faith Oyedepo, in this re-packaged book considers one of the mysteries of the kingdom – The Holy Communion.

    She gives you in a depth analysis of the constituents of the Communion and its efficacy.
    Do you know that the Holy Communion:
    – Heals all manner of sickness and diseases?
    – Gives you strength and energy?
    – Neutralizes body poisons?
    – Grants you longevity and a lot more
    The author punctuates the various chapters with numerous testimonies that authenticate the potency of the Holy Communion. Check out this book; apply the contents, and everything anti-covenant will be checked out of your life and destiny!

    8.500 CFA