Dealing with the rage of power blockers

Powerlessness is the bane of the modem day Church as well as believers. Without the power of God, doing exploits will be difficult, resisting the devil will be hard and reigning in life as well as manifesting the glory of God will be a mirage.This highly anointed book shows you how you can move from powerlessness to the realm of power explosion. It is loaded with winning principles that will terminate the activities of power blockers in your life and turn you to an unstoppable power generator.It is the book your destiny has been waiting for!
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Title: Dealing with the rage of power blockers


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Chapter 1: Dealing with the rage of powers blockers

  • The link
  • God’s powers in action
  • Our Impact
  • Why believers are slugish
  • Prayer points

Chapter 2: The door of Power

  • Power for exploits
  • Dealing with powers blockers
  • The dynamics of power
  • Power points

Chapter 3: A powerless generation

  • The mystery
  • Examples of loss of powers
  • plugged but no power
  • Power blockers at work
  • Mysterious leakage
  • Prayer points

Chapter 4: When power leaks

  • A wise woman
  • A powerless staff
  • The missing ingredient
  • Reasons for serious leakage
  • Erring believers
  • Prayer points

Chapter 5: When there is no impact

  • The peril of disobedience
  • The danger of the losing of powers
  • Solution
  • Prayer points

Chapter 6: Power encounter

  • When God moves
  • Power encounter
  • Awesome God
  • A sorry state
  • The solution
  • Point points

Chapter 7: Demonstration of power

  • Challenging the enemy
  • Arresting the arrester
  • The disgrace of the enemy
  • The efficacy of the power of God
  • The rain of power
  • Prayer points

Chapter 8: Analysing power blockers

  • Exposing power blockers
  • Prayer points

Chapter 9: Power blockers to deal with

  • Prayer points

Chapter 10: How to disgrace power blockers

  • Prayer points

Chapter 11: The battle against power blockers

  • Prayer points

Chapter 12: From powerlessness to power explosion

  • The baptism of power
  • Fidhting with wisdom
  • Come up higher
  • Secrets of victory
  • Prayer points
  • Dealing with the rage of power blockers

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