Dealing with Unprofitable Roots

Are miracles passing over your head, under your feet but not touching you? Is your spiritual growth minimal or non-existent? Do you have problems with your handiwork? Are you suffering from poor health sponsored by stubborn sickness? Is your life caged with anxiety and worry? Are you confused or frustrated? Do you fail to experience freedom in prayer? Are you struggling with bad habits, stubborn oppressions and poverty? You may need to examine your root. A sick root will result in a sick life. A polluted root will result in a polluted life. Attractive branches and leaves cannot fortify us when attacked by the mad winds of life. There is a powerful relationship between the root of your life and your destiny. Your root includes the platform prepared for you to sit upon by your ancestors. This book is a dynamite that will teach you how to deal with problems emanating from unprofitable roots.

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Emmanuel Menie

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