Understanding Divine Direction

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

Man’s future is not in his plan but in God’s plan. The discovery of this divine plan is called vision. Life truly begins at vision; other than that, man’s existence is at the jeopardy of illusion. If you don’t know where yiu are going, everywhere will look like it. The value of knowing where to go in inestimable, but much more is the worth of knowing how to get there. Great visions only come to great end on the wheel of guidance. Heavenly vision must be heaven-directed. Keys to Divine Direction will place in your hand the secrets to driving your vision to enviable accomplishments. It is time to overstep the limits and actualise your dreams.


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Chapter 1: The Reality Of Divine Plan
Chapter 2: Discover Cod’s Plan
Chapter 3: What Is Direction?
Chapter 4: Locating Cod’s Direction
Chapter 5: Prerequisites For Being Led
Chapter 6:  Benefits Of Direction
Chapter 7: Access To The Voice Of Cod
Chapter 8: Rise Up Early!

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