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  • 1000 Micro Churches

    The Bible reveals to us a New Testament church that was filled with thousands of souls. When a church has thousands of souls, it is a mega church. If God has put in your heart a vision to build a mega church, this is the book that will help you realise that dream. The author, Dag Heward-Mills, in this amazing book explains why the devil is against the assembly and outlines how the simple steps of planting 1000 small seed-like micro churches can help you build a Mega Church. May your ministry transform through the powerful effects of 1000 micro churches!

    Dag Heward-Mills

    12.000 CFA
  • 12 Ways to be a Blessing To Your Church

    Unlock your potential as a valuable member of your church with 12 Ways to Bless Your Church by Reverend Kate McVeigh. In this inspiring book, McVeigh draws from her many years of ministry experience to help you become an extraordinary Christian and make a lasting impact in the Body of Christ.

    Whether you’re a long-time member of your church or a newcomer looking to get involved, 12 Ways to Bless Your Church offers practical guidance and actionable steps to help you become a valuable part of your church’s ministry. From serving in the nursery to leading a Bible study, McVeigh shows you how to move beyond the ordinary and make a meaningful contribution to your church community.

    Through McVeigh’s clear examples and easy-to-follow instructions, you will discover 12 powerful ways to bless your church and serve God with all your heart. You will learn how to cultivate a heart of service, build strong relationships with fellow believers, and make a positive impact on those around you.

    Don’t settle for an ordinary Christian life – become an extraordinary blessing to your church and the world around you. With 12 Ways to Bless Your Church, you will be inspired and equipped to live a life of purpose and impact in the Body of Christ.

    16.875 CFA
  • Aqua Church 2.0

    In the book of 1 Corinthians, the apostle Paul writes about becoming all things to all people, that we might save some. As church leaders, we must embody this same principle, adapting to the needs of a fast-paced and ever-changing world.

    AquaChurch 2.0 is a powerful resource for today’s church leaders. Author Leonard Sweet brings together the timeless wisdom of the Bible with modern-day insights, offering a guide to developing responsive and relevant leadership.

    With AquaChurch 2.0, you will learn how to navigate the cultural currents of our postmodern world, and deliver an uncompromising message of hope and faith. From vision to creativity to teamwork, Sweet explores the essential leadership arts that will help your ministry thrive.

    Don’t simply adapt to the world around you. Become a proactive force, reaching out to a society adrift and providing a beacon of light and truth. AquaChurch 2.0 will show you the way forward, enabling your ministry to connect with a postmodern world and make a lasting impact on the lives of those around you.


    Leonard Sweet

    28.500 CFA
  • Bibliothèque Makarios : Pack de 100 livres

    Le Makarios offre une compilation de 100 ouvrages essentiels couvrant une vaste gamme de sujets, allant des fondements de la vie chrétienne à l’art d’être un leader efficace dans l’œuvre divine. Cette collection comprend :

    • Une série complète d’ouvrages dédiés au ministère pastoral,
    • Plusieurs livres explorant l’évangélisation et son importance cruciale,
    • Des publications approfondies sur la loyauté et la déloyauté, particulièrement pertinentes pour les dirigeants ecclésiastiques et les fidèles,
    • Des écrits éclairants sur la vie chrétienne, offrant des conseils pratiques et spirituels,
    • Des guides sur le mariage exemplaire et le service ministériel conjugal,
    • Une série dédiée à l’onction divine et son rôle dans la vie du croyant,
    • Des ouvrages détaillant les stratégies d’implantation et de croissance des églises.

    Dag heward-mills

    140.000 CFA

    The Church faces many problems: internally and externally. Internal problems are called controversies. Those from the outside are apologetic problems, that is to say which call for the defense of the faith. Let us look briefly at some internal issues within the Church, to focus our attention primarily on the challenges that lie at the interface between the Church and the world. Because that is above all where the issue lies.

    There is the problem of priesthood, celibacy, tensions between church leaders, Christian and ministerial ethics, vocations and many others. The refusal to truly confront faith and intelligence, reason and the believing approach are another reality (R. Rémond, Le Christianity en accusation, p. 93). But the real problem may not be there. Isn’t the real problem within the Church above all spiritual decline and the loss of its identity? What could be at the origin of the weakness of the Church? How did she get there?

    Questions plague the mind of any vigilant observer: how does the question about the Church or Christianity constitute a major concern? Why has Christianity encountered so much opposition since its existence? Can he survive in the face of all these fierce attacks? “Are things going well or badly in the Church? » asks the curious little boy. “Good and evil,” replies the Sage. An ecclesiastical response, one might say, but nonetheless the Sage is right. As Nicolas Farrell and Christophe Paya said, we should not think that all of today’s questions are new.

    Certain subjects run through history, like constants. But it is up to each generation of Christians to ask themselves in what world they live, and to listen to the spiritual quest of their contemporaries. The burning questions revolve around the major centers of reflection between and others:

    – theology and the main Christian doctrines and themes;
    – the Bible and the global questions it poses;
    – ethics and the major moral questions of today, sometimes burning and painful questions, whether individual or collective;
    – culture and society, and therefore the main trends in today’s world;
    – faith and religion, in order to situate the Christian faith in the very diverse religious and spiritual world in which modern globalization places us;
    – philosophy and values, in other words the major trends which shape the thinking and behavior of our contemporaries.

    However, the question that arises is the following: has the Church, since its existence, remained the same? Has it kept its values, its power, its authority? Students of higher studies in Theology will find what they are looking for in this book.

    It is a wide-ranging theological tool for theology teachers and church leaders.

    Jérémie TCHINDEBE

    Read  the free extract of the book “CHRISTIANITY AND ITS CHALLENGES”.


    13.500 CFA
  • Church Administration

    Practical solutions to the challenges of church administration are clearly outlined in this phenomenal new book by Dag Heward-Mills.

    Dag heward-mills

    8.000 CFA
  • Church Planting

    What is the main task of a pastor? Is it to perform funerals and to officiate weddings? Certainly not! These are certainly duties of a minister but they are not main duties.

    If your ministry has deteriorated to the point where your main functions are to conduct marriages and bury people, then you need to read your Bible again! The main duty of a minister is to fulfil the Great Commission

    Dag heward-mills

    9.000 CFA
  • Croissance de l’église: L’église ne grandit pas, que dois-je faire?

    “Croissance de l’église: L’église ne grandit pas, que dois-je faire?” est un guide essentiel pour les leaders ecclésiastiques confrontés à la stagnation de leur église. Ce livre explore de manière approfondie les défis courants qui entravent la croissance des églises et offre des solutions pratiques pour surmonter ces obstacles.

    À travers des analyses perspicaces et des conseils éprouvés, les auteurs mettent en lumière les facteurs clés qui peuvent freiner la croissance de l’église, tels que le manque d’engagement communautaire, le besoin de former des leaders efficaces et l’importance de cultiver un environnement propice à la croissance spirituelle.

    En se concentrant sur l’importance de l’innovation, de la collaboration inter-églises et de la planification stratégique, ce livre encourage les leaders ecclésiastiques à adopter une approche proactive de la croissance de leur église. De plus, il met en avant l’importance de la responsabilité personnelle et de la persévérance dans la poursuite de la croissance ecclésiastique.

    Que vous soyez pasteur, responsable d’église ou leader ecclésiastique, “Croissance de l’église: L’église ne grandit pas, que dois-je faire?” vous fournira les outils et les conseils nécessaires pour relever le défi de la stagnation et revitaliser votre église pour un avenir florissant.

    Emmanuel Louis NTERFUL

    12.000 CFA


    The most common sin committed in the Church today, often unknowingly, is the sin of despising the Church. It’s important to note that no sin is greater than another because all sin carries equal penalty. Despising the Church can take on two forms: omission and commission. Omission involves neglecting to do something that should have been done, while commission involves doing something that should not have been done.

    In 1 Corinthians 11:22, Apostle Paul rebuked the Corinthian Church for their behavior, which was bringing shame to the Church of Jesus Christ. He asked them a question that is still relevant today: do you despise the Church?

    To despise something or someone means to regard them as inferior, worthless, contemptible, or unimportant. It involves demeaning, looking down on, belittling, or holding them in low esteem. This attitude makes the object of disdain appear worthless or valueless.

    Unfortunately, many people in Christendom today exhibit an astonishing attitude of disdain towards the Church of Jesus Christ. They disrespect the authority that God, as the Head of the Church, has put in place. This disrespectful attitude makes the Church appear powerless, and non-believers mock the institution that is supposed to represent power and governance.

    Neglecting to allocate resources to the Church in your monthly budget and failing to participate in its activities are examples of despising the Church. Therefore, it is essential to plan and discipline yourself to be involved in the activities of your local Church, regardless of how busy your schedule may be.

    8.000 CFA
  • Empowering Leadership

    Do you feel like your local church is struggling due to a lack of leadership? Do you want to train better leaders faster and create a culture of continuous growth? Look no further than Empowering Leadership by Michael Fletcher.

    This book offers a fresh perspective on leadership development and shows that simply buying or hiring leaders from elsewhere won’t cut it. Instead, the key is to create a culture within your church or organization that organically develops leaders at every level. This means focusing on the people and developing relationships that encourage growth and progress.

    Fletcher emphasizes that it’s not about the leader, but about Jesus and his people. That’s why it’s important to hire pastors and staff roles from within the church – individuals who understand and embody the culture you want to maintain.

    Empowering Leadership offers practical insights and advice on how to build a leadership development structure that works naturally and continually. With this book, you can empower your church or organization to create a thriving culture of leadership and growth.

    Don’t let a lack of leadership hold your church back. Invest in Empowering Leadership and build better leaders faster today!

    13.200 CFA
  • Grace Revolution

    The grace revolution is all about bringing Jesus back to the forefront. When Jesus is preached and lifted high, lives are touched and transformed. It’s a revolution of relationship and it’s a revolution of restoration. The grace revolution begins in the innermost sanctum of your heart when you meet the person of Jesus. It is not an outward revolution but something that begins from the inside out. Today, you can experience deep, personal, and lasting transformation that is anchored on the unshakable, rock-solid foundation of Christ and His finished work.

    17.500 CFA
  • How You Can Make Full Proof of Your Ministry

    None of us plans to arrive in heaven without having done what God wanted us to do on earth. No, not one! We want to complete the tasks God has assigned us.

    This book is about how to fulfil your ministry. This book is a guide to how we may respond to the divine events in our lives – in order not to be found wanting on that day.

    May you fulfil your ministry and may God say to you, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

    Dag heward-mills

    10.000 CFA
  • Makarios Library 51-100

    Free Delivery

    Makarios Library 51-100 contains:

    1. Spiritual Dangers
    2. Blood Power
    3. How to be born again and avoid hell
    4. Read your Bible, pray everyday if you want to grow
    5. How you can be become a strong Christian
    6. How you can have an effective quiet time with God every day
    7. Backslinding: Develop your staying power
    8. Daughter you can make it
    9. The time & Your ministry
    10. Know your invible enemies
    11. Make yourselves saviours of men
    12. Everyday by prayer, nothing without prayer
    13. The determinants
    14. Attemp great things for God
    15. Can’t you do just a little be more?
    16. Seven great principles (2nd Edition)
    17. Steps to God’s Presence
    18. The double mega missionary church
    19. Labour to be blessed…labour not to be rich
    20. Those who honour you
    21. The anointing and the presence
    22. Faith secrets
    23. Flow in the anointing
    24. Flow prayer book
    25. Judgment and Justice
    26. Fruitfulness
    27. One thousand Micro churches
    28. Why few are chosen
    29. Lord know you need somebody
    30. The privilege
    31. The gift of governments “A Bishop’s coverning handbook”
    32. Wisdom is the principal thing for your ministry
    33. Predestination
    34. Ministerial Barrenness
    35. If you love the Lord
    36. Ready @ 20
    37. Enlargement secret
    38. Am i goog for nothing?
    39. Be thou faithful unto Death
    40. Going deeper and doing more
    41. Tasters and partakers…
    42. Weeping and Gnashing
    43. Not a novice
    44. Stir it up
    45. Seeing and hearing
    46. The church must send or it will end
    47. The word of my patience
    48. Those who are offended
    49. Etc…



    200.000 CFA
  • Ministerial Barrenness

    There is more to ministry than the acquiring of numerous certificates of Bible knowledge. Barrenness is a terrible, depressing and devastating problem that happens both in the natural and in the ministry. Barrenness in ministry is the cause of much of our discouragement, disappointment and disillusionment as pastors. Many pastors fall out of the race through discouragement and disillusionment because they are barren in ministry. Barrenness is the reason for the lack of real fruit in the modern Christian church. There are a lot of activities and a lot of programmes but there is little or no fruit. God wants us to be fruitful. God wants us to expand in ministry. In order to be fruitful you must understand what barrenness really is. Barrenness is a problem that God wants to deal with in your ministry. This timely book, by Dag Heward-Mills will help you to break out of barrenness in your ministry. When the spirit of barrenness is taken away you will break out in fruitfulness. You are coming out of barrenness today!

    Dag heward-mills

    10.000 CFA
  • Move : For Church Planters

    Move with purpose and step up your church’s impact with “Move For Church Planters” – the must-read eBook for anyone passionate about deepening their discipleship and building a thriving church community.

    Based on key findings from REVEAL, an unprecedented survey launched by Willow Creek Community Church in 2004, this eBook provides a powerful, condensed summary of how any church – especially newly planted ones – can be more effective in discipleship. With input from nearly half a million people in 1,500 churches, “Move For Church Planters” offers insights from churches of all sizes, denominations, and geographies, making it an invaluable resource for anyone involved in planning, launching, or developing a new church.

    But that’s not all. This concisely written eBook also includes an exclusive interview with Willow Creek senior pastor Bill Hybels. With nearly four decades of ministry experience, Bill shares what he would do the same and differently if he opened a church today. His advice, along with the insights provided by the survey, makes “Move For Church Planters” an essential read for anyone dreaming of the promise of new churches.

    Don’t settle for a mediocre discipleship program or an underperforming church community. Take your church to the next level with “Move For Church Planters.” Move with purpose, step up your game, and discover the keys to building a thriving church community. Order your copy today and start moving towards a deeper love of God and others.

    16.750 CFA
  • Nigerian God’s Generals

    The Bible teaches us to honor and learn from those who have gone before us, especially those who have been used by God to make a significant impact in the world. “Nigerian God’s Generals” is a book that chronicles the lives and ministries of eight powerful ministers in Africa who have shaped the course of Christianity in Nigeria and beyond.

    Written by Linus Edeigba, this book is a compelling collection of life stories that will ignite the fires of revival in your heart. Through the pages of “Nigerian God’s Generals”, you will discover how these men were born, how they lived their lives, and the teachings and spiritual discoveries that made them powerful ministers of the Gospel.

    This book is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to learn from the experiences of those who have gone before them. It reveals how these Nigerian God’s Generals dynamically demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit and how they impacted the lives of countless people through their ministry.

    From Ajayi Crowder to Benson Idahosa and others, this book shares the notable deeds and lessons we can learn from these men of God. “Nigerian God’s Generals” is a must-read for anyone who desires to be inspired, encouraged and empowered in their walk with God. Order your copy today and discover the secrets to a life of impact and purpose.

    Linus Edeigba

    8.490 CFA
  • Paul And His Team : What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership and Influence

    Discover the secrets of effective leadership and influence from the Apostle Paul and his team in Paul and His Team, the new book by Ryan Lokkesmoe, PhD. This engaging book examines the principles that enabled Paul and his team to adapt to challenges, build strategic partnerships, equip others for ministry, and persist through difficulties, all while maintaining unity and discipline.

    Whether you are a church leader or a passionate follower of Christ, this book will help you develop your own leadership and influence skills. With thought-provoking group discussion questions at the end of each chapter, Paul and His Team is the perfect resource for church staff or small group study.

    Join the ranks of effective Christian leaders and influencers today by learning from the inspiring examples of Paul and his team. Let their successes and failures guide you as you seek to build God’s church and spread the gospel. Get your copy of Paul and His Team now!

    10.350 CFA
  • Rare Leadership : 4 Uncommon Habits For Increasing Trust, Joy, and Engagement in the People You Lead

    Are you tired of leading teams that are constantly in conflict and lack productivity? Do you want to improve your leadership skills and see great results? Look no further than Rare Leadership.

    At the heart of great leadership is emotional maturity, and Rare Leadership combines solid theology, cutting edge brain science, and decades of counseling and consulting experience to help you cultivate emotional maturity in yourself and your team. With the four habits of R.A.R.E. leaders, you can develop a strong group identity, promote trust, joy, and engagement, and keep relationships bigger than problems.

    By prioritizing people and leading from a secure identity, you can build the team of your dreams and see amazing results. Rare Leadership will equip you with the tools to lead joy-filled, emotionally mature, and relationally connected teams. Whether you’re burnt out or just looking to improve, Rare Leadership is the book you need to take your organization to the next level.

    Invest in yourself and your team with Rare Leadership. Order your copy today and see the positive impact it can have on your leadership and team.

    13.350 CFA
  • Six Steps to Excellence In Ministry

    God is raising up people all over the world who are hungry to know Him and fulfill His purpose for their lives. They’re serving God through ministry not only in pulpits and on mission fields, but also in homes, offices, schools, and the marketplace.

    Never content to take the path of least resistance and coast their way into heaven, these believers are on the road to excellence, determined to run the race – or as the Apostle Paul said, to obtain the prize.

    Whether your goal is to be an excellent pastor or a first-rate engineer, Kenneth Copeland has four simple words for you: Put the Word first. Use wisdom from God’s Word and this informative series to set your course and take the steps to excellence in ministry.

    8.700 CFA

    Ministry is the highest form of calling. No other kind of work in life compares with it. The high esteem that goes with it demands that utmost attention be given in order to be able to prove its excellent worth to the society. No field or career can be more respected than the worth attached to it. We have a duty to present, protect and preserve the worth of ministry in our generation. How long we stand the challenges of our times is a function of how well we lay our foundation for ministry.
    It is my observation that every man designs and determines the measure of grace and anointing he receives for fulfilling his calling. Each man‟s results is traceable to his training.
    Reading this book will equip you with the basic principles required for spiritual training which will prepare you for a glorious ministry.
    Stay Blessed!

    David O. ABIOYE

    4.800 CFA