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  • How Do We Know That Christianity Is Really True?

    Are you curious about God, faith, and the Bible? Do your friends ask you questions about Christianity that you don’t know how to answer? Look no further! Chris Morphew, a Christian studies teacher and school chaplain, has written a fun and easy-to-read book for kids ages 9-13 that examines the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection and explains why we can trust the gospels as historical records. This book is part of the ‘Big Questions’ series, designed to help young readers grow in confident, thoughtful faith. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the truth of Christianity for yourself. The most important questions such as: How much do we really know about Jesus? When were our sources about Jesus written? How do we know Jesus’ followers didn’t just make it all up? Do Jesus’ biographies match up with the rest of history? Find their answers here and the evidence of the evidence of Jesus’ life on earth.


    MORPHEW Chris

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    This book is inspired by God the Creator, both as a warning and an opportunity for the nations of Africa and the entire world, their leaders, the local communities and their leaders, the Church and her leaders. It aims at arousing awareness of everyone regarding the gravity of idolatry and the major role it has played in the decline and the degenerescence of Africa.
    A new light is shed on such subjects as culture, slave trade (the means for deeper and more effective reconciliation); and a new tendency of the world regarding the individual rights as prevailing over the rights of communities and the Creator rights that are despised every day. Issues related to Israel and the destiny of African people, as well as relevant teachings and prophecies from the Bible in the light of the problems confronting the world today.
    This book brings out of the Holy Scriptures and from both cultural and worship realities of Africa and beyond, elements that cause every human being to think seriously. The relation between idol worshiping and slavery, economics and politics is clearly stated with rarely quoted Bible verses that are still linked to present day events. Jesus did not come to abolish the law, but he came to fulfil it. How can we then reject him (in our houses, schools, even prisons), and still expect to escape the curse from sin and law? Idolatry and the Destiny of Africa (Vol. 1) thus opens the door to a dialogue between the cultures and the faith that draws the favours of our Creator, healing and reconciliations at the level of individuals, nations and continents which slave trade and demonic covenants had separated, hurt or put under various generational curses. Idolatry is no longer seen here as a void and theoretical notion, nor a religious matter. The practice of idolatry is producing unknowingly to the world, many of our modern challenges. For the sake of the Kingdom economy, the Church should also discern and abhorre any kind of
    idolatry in her midst.
    From a global point of view, this book is telling afresh the story of our contemporary civilization by shedding light upon the sources of the Holy Scriptures which had given to it, a foundation that we seem to dangerously ignore
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  • Read This First

    Are you intimidated by the Bible? Do you find it confusing and even a bit boring? Look no further! In ‘The Bible: From Confusion to Confidence’, author Gary Millar shows you that the skills you need to understand and engage with the Bible are within your reach. Written in a warm and approachable style, this book provides you with the tools to read and understand the Bible on your own, helping you move from confusion to confidence. Whether you’re a new believer and don’t know where to start, or you’ve been a Christian for a while but never got into the habit of regularly reading the Bible, this book is perfect for you. As you read the Bible, you will hear God speak, and you will be transformed to be more like Jesus. Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and relationship with God through the most extraordinary book you will ever read. Order your copy of ‘The Bible: From Confusion to Confidence’ today

    MILLAR Gary

  • What makes us human? [Livre en anglais]; and other questions about God, Jesus and human identity

    What are we exactly? The modern world offers many answers to this question, each with consequences for the choices we make about our own lives and the lives of others.

    In this short and accessible book, Mark Meynell wants to help confused Christians understand what God has said in Scripture on key questions, such as: when does life begin, where does our soul come from, and what distinguishes humans?

    It offers a positive and liberating way to discover what humanity really is.

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