Dr David Yonggi Cho

By (author)David Cho Yonggi

Ministering Hope For 50 Years

In a world yearning for hope, Dr. David Yonggi Cho emerged as a beacon of light, carrying a vision that would touch the lives of millions. For five decades, he relentlessly pursued his calling, dedicating himself to building a church that would ultimately become the largest in the world. Now, in this captivating book, you have the opportunity to delve into the remarkable life of this extraordinary minister.

Throughout his journey, Dr. Cho learned invaluable lessons about the power of reliance. He discovered that true success came not from depending on his own abilities, but from surrendering completely to the Holy Spirit. In moments when he embraced the guidance of the Holy Spirit, he witnessed triumph; in moments when he faltered, he encountered failure. With utmost sincerity, Dr. Cho shares the stories of his temptations and doubts, his failures and successes, and how the Holy Spirit faithfully accompanied him in every situation.

In “Dr. David Yonggi Cho: Ministering Hope For 50 Years,” you will witness the unfolding of an incredible narrative filled with inspiration, faith, and unwavering dedication. Dr. Cho’s transparent account will captivate your heart, as he reveals the challenges he faced and the miracles he experienced along the way. Through his words, you will discover the timeless wisdom that propelled him to minister hope to countless individuals.

This book is not merely a collection of anecdotes; it is a testament to the power of faith and the indomitable spirit of a man called by God. Dr. Cho’s journey serves as a testament that when we yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit, incredible transformations can occur.

Uncover the secrets to a life filled with purpose, impact, and unwavering faith. Join the ranks of those who have been profoundly impacted by Dr. David Yonggi Cho’s ministry. Allow his teachings to ignite a fire within you, as you navigate your own path of ministry and discover the incredible possibilities that await.

Embark on this remarkable adventure today. Order your copy of “Dr. David Yonggi Cho: Ministering Hope For 50 Years” and experience the profound wisdom and divine revelations that can shape your own ministry journey. Let the Holy Spirit guide you every step of the way, and be prepared to witness miracles unfold in your life.



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Part 1
A Sickly Teenage Boy Meets Jesus
Part 2
Growth of the Tent Church
Part 3
Ministry in Seodaemun Church
and the Encounter with the Holy Spirit
Part 4
The World’s Largest Church
Part 5
A Ministry That Extends Out to the World

Book’s extract “Dr David Yonggi Cho: Ministering Hope For 50 Years

A Sickly Teenage Boy Meets Jesus

The Death Sentence Announcement
In 1950, there was a war in our country between North
Korea and South Korea that lasted approximately two
years. It was called the Korean War. Bombs from that war
destroyed buildings, homes, and schools in every
mountain, plain, and city in our country, and many people
were killed or injured throughout Korea. There were also
many heartbreaking family separations that took place.
People led difficult lives of poverty and hunger even after
the war ended.
My story starts here. My hometown is
Kyungsangnamdo Uljugun Seonammyun Kyodongni. I was
a mischievous, energetic, young boy with many dreams,
and I was on my elementary school’s baseball team. When
I was at Dongnae Middle School in Busan, I was a brightly
smiling adolescent who knew how to appreciate the
melody of the birds that seemed to sing about dreams and
the refreshing wind. When I entered high school, even
though we were in hard times, I would visit the nearby
United States Army Base and learn English from the
soldiers. I worked various odd jobs after school to earn my
tuition, and I was always happy as I worked, because I
had many dreams of a bright future in my mind.

While walking to school one morning, I saw two men,
one of whom I often worked for, and I said, “Hello Sir! I
think I will be able to help you after school today.”
“Sure,” he said, then he turned to the other man with
him and said, “What an energetic and honest lad!”
“He sure is!” the other man replied.
I worked hard every day and heard compliments that I
was diligent and smart due to the English that I learned
from the U.S. soldiers. Then one day something
unexpected happened to me. I was in my second year of
high school (eleventh grade), and I was working as a
private tutor to a young student. Suddenly, blood started
pouring out of my nose and mouth, and I eventually
passed out because the blood continued without stopping.
I was seventeen at the time.
To save me, my shocked parents hurriedly took me to
the largest and most well-known hospital in the area. At
the hospital they took X-rays and drew blood samples
from my arm. I had many tests, and finally after several
days, the doctor told us, “The results of the tests are back,
and unfortunately, it is tuberculosis.”
The moment we heard this, everything turned dark for
my parents and me; it was as if we had been hit hard over
the head with something. “I have tuberculosis?” I said.
“The disease that kills everyone that contracts it?” I could
not believe it. These days tuberculosis is curable through treatment…

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