Living on Purpose

By (author)Barry D. HAM

Knowing God’s Design for Your Life

Your life was never meant to be mundane or aimless. It was designed to be an exhilarating adventure, filled with purpose and meaning. If you’ve been tirelessly searching for your life’s purpose, look no further!

In “Living on Purpose,” Dr. Barry Ham, a wise and compassionate author, counselor, and therapist, guides you to the key that unlocks a life of profound significance: discovering and fulfilling the will of God.

If you’ve ever felt lost, questioning your worth or burdened by a sense of insignificance, this book holds the transformative insights you’ve been seeking. Within these pages, you will find the path that leads to confidence, purpose, and fulfillment, as you place your life in the faithful hands of God.

Discover the riches awaiting you within the pages of this book:

  1. Validation: It is both normal and healthy to contemplate the meaning of life. Your search for purpose is not in vain.
  2. Encouragement: The purpose of your life is not a mysterious puzzle. It is clear and knowable, waiting to be unveiled.
  3. Fulfillment: Embrace the blessings that come from walking in alignment with God’s will. Your purpose is within reach.
  4. Transformation: Watch as your newfound purpose permeates every aspect of your life, bringing positive change to all spheres.
  5. Adventure: Prepare to embark on the thrilling journey God created for you, as you step into the fullness of your purpose.

Cast aside discouragement and confusion. Today, you can begin the adventure of following God’s will, experiencing a life that resonates with significance. Embrace the purpose that has been intricately woven into your very being.

Don’t let another day pass without discovering the true meaning of your existence. Order your copy of “Living on Purpose” now and unlock the potential that lies within you. Dr. Barry Ham’s wisdom will illuminate your path, and the transformative power of purpose will propel you forward into a life of fulfillment, joy, and adventure.

Remember, your life was meant to be an extraordinary journey. Embrace it wholeheartedly and live on purpose!

Barry D. HAM

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“Yousee our existence here on this earth, yours and mine, is not an accident. OurCreator had very specific things in mind when He placed us here. And at onetime or another, most of us ask ourselves, “Ok, why am I here? What is myexistence all about?” Those are some of the very reasons that Barry wrote thisbook – so that you don’t have to wonder and wander, so you don’t have to guess,but so that you can clearly know God’s purposes for your life. It is my hopeand prayer that the pages of this book will encourage and enlighten you as youstrive to be “Living on Purpose.”   Governor Mike Huckabee   

“In the pages of Living on Purpose, author Barry Ham brings clarity to the believer who seeks to better grasp God’s purpose for their life.  Living on Purpose is an excellent, thought-provoking, God-loving and think-activating bookto help in your quest to find and follow God’s direction for yourlife.”  Josh D.McDowell – Author/Speaker

“Life can be hectic anddemanding, but there are really just two overarching callings thatshould govern all we do: love God and love others.  Barry Ham has shownus how an unwavering commitment to those two tasks can help everything in our lives fall beautifully into place.”      Jim Daly – President, Focus on the Family

“Why are we here?”is a mountain of a question. For many of us,its terrain is so massive and steep that we turn away from any semblance of an attempt to explore the answers, much less live them out.In Living on Purpose, Dr. Barry Ham not only winsomely invites us on the journey but,with wisdom gleaned from many years as a teacher and counselor – as well as a fellow human being – he also provides us with Biblical guidance and practical footholds for the climb.”  Matt Heard, Founder of THRIVE and author of Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God Given Humanity

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