Questions Singles Ask Joe Jesimel Ogbe

By (author)Joe Jesimel Ogbe

Attention Christian Youth!

Are you feeling concerned, troubled, or perplexed about the challenges you face as a single person? Do you feel like you need to be equipped and empowered with wisdom to navigate through these challenges?

Look no further! Our new book, filled with answers to common questions asked by Christian singles, is here to help you on your journey. Written by a seasoned Youth/Singles minister, this book is rooted in Scriptures and based on real-life experiences.

With every answer, you can trust that the Holy Spirit will bring healing, direction, and comfort to your life. So, if you’re ready to equip yourself with the wisdom needed to navigate the single life as a Christian youth, grab your copy today and let’s start this journey together!

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I am thrilled each time I’m bombarded with questions by concerned, troubled and perplexed singles. Most singles have similar questions since they all face the same problems in so many areas as singles. Wisdom is about asking questions.

The questions I have answered in this book come largely from singles who attended our Singles’ Summit and those I had the opportunity to counsel. Answers to these questions have their root in Scriptures and from the wealth of experience I have gathered as a Youth/Singles minister over the years.
I trust that the Holy Spirit will cause every answer to provoke and procure healing, direction and comfort for you.

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