The Force of Joy

By (author)Faith A. Oyedepo

Many lives are characterized by failure, stagnation, depression and frustration.
The harder they struggle to make a living, the worse their predicaments become. ‘What could be responsible for this?’, You may ask.

According to Pst (Mrs.) Faith Abiola Oyedepo, ‘This book is written to empower you for a life of ceaseless triumphs, by being joyful.. According to her, joy catalyses divine presence, joy strengthens, joy guarantees supernatural harvest; and opens up revelation. She also writes that joy is medicine that empowers our intellect for excellence.

In essence, to live a life of ceaseless triumphs, you need to engage the vital force of joy. Go for this book today!


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Title: The Force of Joy



Chapter 1: What is joy?

Chapter 2: Fundamentals of joy

Chapter 3: Source of joy

Chapter 4: Dimensions of joy

Chapter 5: Operating a joyful life

Chapter 6: Joy and faith work together

Chapter 7: Blessing of a joyful life

Chapter 8: Hindrances to joy

Chapter 9: Joy boosters

Chapter 10: Be joyful

Chapter 11: Some joy-provoked testimonies

Empowered Living: The Transformative Force of Joy for Ceaseless Triumphs

In the tapestry of existence, many lives are woven with threads of failure, stagnation, depression, and frustration. The relentless struggle to carve a path to prosperity often leads to worsening predicaments, leaving individuals questioning the root cause of their challenges. In response to these pressing concerns, Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Abiola Oyedepo steps forward with a transformative literary offering designed to empower individuals for a life marked by ceaseless triumphs, anchored in the profound force of joy.

Key Themes Explored:

  1. Joy as a Catalyst: At the core of this empowering narrative lies the assertion that joy is more than a fleeting emotion—it is a dynamic force that catalyzes divine presence, bolsters inner strength, ensures a supernatural harvest, and unveils revelations. Through her insightful exposition, Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo invites readers to embrace joy as a powerful catalyst for transformative change.
  2. The Medicinal Power of Joy: Delving deeper into the multifaceted nature of joy, the author unveils its medicinal properties, positioning it as a potent remedy that empowers the intellect for excellence. Drawing parallels between joy and a healing balm, the narrative encourages readers to perceive joy not merely as a fleeting emotion but as a transformative elixir.
  3. Joy and Supernatural Harvest: Pastor Faith Oyedepo skillfully articulates how joy acts as a conduit for supernatural harvest. By maintaining a joyful disposition, individuals open themselves…


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