You Too Can Be Fruitful

By (author)Mary A. Abioye

With godly compassion, Pastor(Mrs.) Mary Abioye declares to all who are experiencing delay in child bearing, that despite all odds, You too can be fruitful!

She stresses that:

  • Barrenness was never part of God’s plan for man, because after God created man and woman, the first thing He did was to bless them. Then he said to them, “Be fruitful, and multiply” (Genesis 1: 28). What your maker had in mind when he created you is fruitfuness and dominion, not oppression, emptiness or barrenness.
  • God is not a waster of ressources, He created you to reproduce after your kind, and that word will surely be fulfilled in your life! He is not a respect of persons, if he has given children to other men and women that he created, He will give to you too! God who changed the stories of people, like Sarah and Abraham, Elisabeth, Hannah and so many others in the bible, will change yours too! Despite the delay and challenges that they had, God made them fruitful. He can do the same for you! You will also be encouragedd by the amazing testimonies of men and women who were once called “barren” but now joyful mothers and fathers of children, to the glory of God. These are proofs thad nothing is impossible withe God, including your case!
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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Keys to fruitfulness

Chapter Two: Faith: you gate pass

Chapter Three: Atmosphere for fruitfulness

Chapter Four: Hindrances to fruitfulness

Chapter Five: Make you request!

Chapter Six: Preparing for the miracle

Final word

  • Be expectant
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