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  • Audio Book: Conquering Controlling Powers

    Conquering controlling powers

    There is a spiritual dimension to those habits, controls and depressive moods that have taken a foothol in your life. They are all forces from hell, organized to disconnect you from God’s presence. Therefore, only a spiritual approch can guarantee your total victory.

    In this audio book, Dr David O. Oyedepo provides biblical answers to all issues of satanic oppressions and demonic influences ! Your hour of total liberty has finally come !

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  • Born to Win

    In our world, many aspire, but very negligible few attain. Christianity dose not promise a war free ride ttrough the race of life bilievers; rather, it establishes the fact that life is warfare, not funfair.  The challenges you contend every day either make or break you; you either overcome or you are overcome.

    Through problems come unendingly, they are not to edge you out of the race, they are your aides de camp to your victorious ending. Your weapon lies in embracing this truth that: you are born to win! Shake the dust off your once booming dreams and brace up for the fight anew. You are created for the top; therefore, take your place!


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  • Breaking Controlling Powers

    Victory over Spiritual Attacks

    Are you ready to break free from controlling powers and experience a life of victory? Look no further than “Breaking Controlling Powers: Victory over Spiritual Attacks” by Roberts Liardon. This powerful book combines three essential works, equipping you with the spiritual weaponry you need to fight the good fight of faith!

    In this comprehensive 3-in-1 volume, Roberts Liardon addresses the core challenges believers face in their spiritual journey. If you long for renewed strength to stand firm against evil attacks, if you find that people are coming between you and your relationship with God, or if you ever feel like the whole world is against you, then this book is your essential guide.

    The first book, “Breaking Controlling Powers,” dives deep into understanding and overcoming the forces that seek to control and hinder your progress. Roberts Liardon’s insights and wisdom will empower you to break free from any form of bondage and reclaim your spiritual authority.

    The second book, “Learning to Say No without Feeling Guilty,” provides practical guidance on setting healthy boundaries in your relationships. Discover how to assertively say no to toxic influences and manipulative tactics while preserving your integrity and nurturing your personal growth.

    The third book, “How to Survive an Attack,” equips you with strategies to overcome spiritual warfare. Roberts Liardon shares invaluable principles and tools to help you navigate through challenging seasons and emerge victorious, no matter the intensity of the attack.

    This 3-in-1 volume is your comprehensive arsenal against spiritual attacks. Each book complements the other, providing you with a well-rounded understanding and application of biblical principles to combat and conquer the powers that seek to control your life.

    Don’t allow controlling powers to hold you back any longer. Take a stand, rise above your circumstances, and experience the victory that is rightfully yours. Order “Breaking Controlling Powers: Victory over Spiritual Attacks” today and equip yourself with the knowledge, insight, and spiritual power to overcome every obstacle in your path. Break free, reclaim your authority, and live a life marked by triumph!


    Roberts Liardon

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  • Breaking The Curses Of Life

    Every man’s recovery is traceable to his discovery. The most strategic discovery in any warfare is to uncover the identity of the opponent and ascertain the limit of his weaponry. Fighting the shadows will only frustrate man’s efforts and hand cheap victory to the oppenent.

    Dr David Oyedepo exposes another hidden angle to the challenges confronted by humans. Curses make life a choking experience, imprison destinies and barricade advancement. But there is no curses, no matter how gruesome, that cannot be broken. Every curse has a cause; and the first step to freedom from every kind of curse is making the right diagnosis, and the taking decisive steps to securing one’s liberty.

    Breaking the curses of life is an animated effort initiated to unmask the enn=emy’ vulnerability in this battle and to outfit its victims with kingdom ammunition for non-negociable triumph. Stop crouching througgh life feeling hopeless and helpless. Take spiritual responsibilities and procure your liberty from the stranglehold of curses. This is your hour of liberation.

    Curses are real! Many are under the torments of curses without knowing. Breaking The Curses of Life brings to many who have been snared in holes and hid in prison houses, a way of escape into absolute and glorious liberty. In this book, Dr. David Oyedepo brings to the body of Christ, a powerful presentation of seven basic types of curses. Not only that, you will also get to know how to break these curses off your life, business, family, etc.


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  • Delivered from Evil: Preparing for the Age to Come

    The Church, in its present state, will not survive much longer. We are in need of a radical change! In Delivered from Evil, his third book in a series on spiritual warfare, Rick Joyner demonstrates how this change will include dismantling the strongholds of fear, confusion and human idealism. He directs Christians to the greatest weapons in their spiritual arsenal: love, humility and restoration.

    Delivered From Evil heralds the new breed of leadership who will embody these qualities, teaches the biblical meaning of true apostolic calling, and shows how the last day Church will draw people back to the heart of God.
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  • He came to set the captives free

    “Are you ready to face Satan’s destructive forces and emerge victorious in the battle for your soul? In the pages of this incredible book, you’ll discover the true story of Elaine, a top witch in the U.S. who served Satan for seventeen years with total commitment. But when she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, a committed servant of Jesus Christ, everything changed.

    Dr. Brown stood alone against Elaine in a titanic life-and-death struggle, nearly losing her life in the process. But through her unwavering faith and love for Jesus, she emerged victorious. Elaine, too, found a power and love greater than anything Satan could offer, and left behind her life of darkness to commit herself fully to Jesus Christ.

    This honest, in-depth account reveals the shocking truth about Satan’s activities today and shows you how to recognize and combat the many satanists who regularly infiltrate and destroy Christian churches. You’ll learn how to recognize and combat satanic attacks and bring those serving Satan to the light of Jesus Christ.

    Don’t let Satan’s destructive forces overwhelm you. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you need to emerge victorious in this battle for your soul. Order your copy of this incredible book today and start your journey towards spiritual freedom and enlightenment!”


    Rebecca Brown

    9.500 CFA
  • Overcoming Stagnation

    Life is a process, and each stage is expected to last for certain duration of time. When you remain longer than necessary on any spot, it is an indication of stagnancy.
    God’s will for you is consistent progress and appreciable advancement in every area of your life.

    In this highly motivating book, David Abioye shows you how to enforce progress in the place of stagnation. He emphasizes that power for progress is generated from within.

    You will learn from this progress-provoking book:
    – The Power of Decision
    – The Power of Will
    – Escaping the trap of Excuses
    – Aggression for Progressions, among others.

    Get set to drop your laxity and complacency and be empowered for consistent progress. Make stagnation a thing of the past in your life. Whatever has stood in your way is sure to give way now!

    David Olatunji Abioye – SHILOH

    8.500 CFA
  • Prayer and Deliverance Bible

    The Prayer and Deliverance Bible, is a Bible designed especially for prayers of spiritual warfare and deliverance. It is the Louis II Bible with notes by Pastor Daniel Olukoya, a general in the field of spiritual warfare and deliverance.

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  • Satisfaction of the Soul

    Are you tired of constantly feeling empty and unsatisfied? Do you find yourself relying on temporary fillers such as money, drugs, and success to bring you fulfillment? It’s time to make a change and experience the true satisfaction that comes from the Holy Spirit.

    In Satisfaction of the Soul, Dr. Jackie McCullough offers divine wisdom on how to be filled with the true reality of the Holy Spirit. No longer will you need to rely on weak faux fillers that never truly satisfy the deep longing of your soul. Instead, you can be fully saturated with the Holy Spirit and experience total satisfaction in every aspect of your life.

    This book provides the answer to that nagging empty feeling you’ve been experiencing. By becoming full of Him and His Word, we can experience great revival and salvation in His name. Don’t settle for half empty – choose to be filled to overflowing with Satisfaction of the Soul.

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  • The Art of Prayer

    Introducing the ultimate guide to the lost art of prayer! This handbook is a treasure trove of divine wisdom and practical guidance that will help you deepen your spiritual connection and experience the transformative power of prayer.

    With insightful chapters on a wide range of prayer topics, this handbook is a must-have for anyone who desires to make a meaningful impact in their personal life, community, and nation. Learn how to pray for your nation, intercede for the lost, and pray for deliverance from all forms of evil.

    Discover the beauty of groanings in the Spirit and the transformative power of fasting. With this handbook, you will also learn how to pray for those who are trapped in sin and guide them towards redemption.

    This handbook is not just a collection of theoretical concepts, but a practical guide that will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to unleash the full potential of your prayer life. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or a beginner, this handbook will help you cultivate a deeper understanding of the power of prayer and help you experience breakthroughs in your life and ministry.

    Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock the secrets of the lost art of prayer! Order your copy today and experience the power of prayer like never before!

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  • The Blood Triumph

    There is something about the Blood of Jesus that made it acceptable to God for the eternal remission of sin. There is something about the Blood of Jesus that scares the devil to death! There is so much, about the blood of Jesus. In this powerful book that you have in your hands, Dr. David Oyedepo takes us on a light-full trail of the mysteries of the Blood of Jesus, for an unquestionable, victorious Christian living. You will also discover what manifold riches and blessings the Blood of Jesus has delivered to you who were once in abject poverty and penury.
    You are in for an unforgettable encounter!
    “The blood of Jesus is your guarantee for bail. It offers you the privilege of being discharged and acquitted, so that you can walk in liberty all the days of your life.” “Every time you say, ‘The Blood of Jesus’, you are bringing God’s very life on the scene.”  “By the Blood connection, we now enjoy the status that Jesus possesses.”
    “The blood is able to give you instant , on-the-spot deliverance from any form of sickness and disease”


    5.000 CFA
  • The Rule of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past

    Are you tired of feeling stuck and held back by the issues of your past? Do you long for the freedom and breakthrough that comes from overcoming your spiritual setbacks? Look no further than The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past by Cindy Trimm.

    In this powerful book, Trimm offers practical, biblically based techniques and strategies to help you break free from the strongholds and emotional attachments that keep you going in circles. Drawing on her years of experience in ministry, Trimm identifies common issues like guilt, rejection, abuse, betrayal, isolation, and more, and provides effective tools for securing your breakthrough.

    With The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past, you will learn how to use the authority given to you by God to effectively wage every spiritual battle. Trimm’s powerful insights and practical advice will help you take control of your life and overcome the obstacles that have held you back for far too long.

    Don’t let your past dictate your future any longer. With the help of The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past, you can break free from the chains of guilt, shame, and fear and step into the bright future that God has planned for you.



    4.300 CFA
  • The Wonderful Name of Jesus

    The Wonderful Name of Jesus is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their spiritual authority in Christ. Through the powerful exposition of E. W. Kenyon, you will discover the incredible power vested in the name of Jesus and how you, as a believer, have the right to use it. This book has changed the prayer lives of countless individuals, providing them with the knowledge and tools to access the fullness of God’s power.

    Don’t settle for a weak and defeated Christian life. With The Wonderful Name of Jesus, you will discover your true identity in Christ and the authority that comes with it. This book will astound you and fill you with joy as you learn about the amazing privileges and rights that come with being a redeemed believer.

    If you want to unlock the power of prayer and experience the fullness of God’s love and grace, this book is a must-have. The Wonderful Name of Jesus will leave you inspired and empowered, ready to confront sickness and demonic activity with the authority of Jesus’s name. Get your copy today and discover the incredible power of the name of Jesus!

    6.980 CFA
  • Understanding Financial Prosperity

    Many people languish in poverty. Wishing to become one day, or having relations to get out of it. But Dr. Oyedepo vehemently certifies in this book that: “The question of luck or chance in the kingdom of God. Light is what makes all the difference, for we are all of equal destiny”.

    It is to this light that the apostle of prosperity exposes you here. This book is the result of decades of research and practice on prosperity by a man who rocks:

    “I am not a prosperity preacher, I am a prophet. God spoke clearly to me on a missionary trip to America in these words, Go home and make my people rich!”

    That’s why what I teach has nothing to do with an ordinary prosperity theme. These are heavenly powers imparted to you, to make you a celebrity on earth.

    Why? Because I am sent! I have seen God at work in the prosperity field since this mandate, and that is why he sent me: to make a change in the destiny of men.

    I am sent, not only to teach it, but also to show it so that when you hear what God says through me and comply with it. You see free. Because: “By a prophet the Eternal brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved”. God is ready to have your destiny preserved”.

    Be ready for a flight into the world of untold wealth!


    9.500 CFA10.000 CFA
  • When God Walked the Earth

    After creation itself, the greatest miracle was when God Himself became a Man and walked upon the earth. He did this to show man how to become “a new creation,” ascending into the heavenly realm with a spiritual nature. This book is about that most remarkable time from the perspective of both men and angels.

    5.800 CFA
  • Why did this happen

    Introducing “Why Did This Happen,” a powerful book by Bob Yandian that delves deep into the heart of tragedy and explores how to overcome it with the wisdom of the Bible. When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to question everything we thought we knew about God and lose faith in our beliefs. But with the eight things that David did to recover from the death of his newborn son, this book provides practical advice on how to move forward with God despite times of uncertainty.

    “Why Did This Happen” is not just a book, but a beacon of hope for those who have experienced tragedy. It explores the tough questions we ask when our prayers go unanswered and God seems silent. This book will help you understand what your response should be during times of uncertainty and how to trust in God even when it seems like He has failed you.

    With “Why Did This Happen,” you’re not alone in your struggles. You’re standing in a long line of men and women of the Bible who have faced similar tragedies and found a way to continue moving forward with God. This book offers divine wisdom and guidance to help you overcome your pain and find hope in the midst of adversity.

    If you’re ready to move past your tragedy and embrace a life of purpose and faith, “Why Did This Happen” is the book for you. Order your copy today and discover the eight things that David did to recover from his own loss, and learn how you too can find hope and healing in the midst of tragedy.


    Bob Yandian

    6.700 CFA
  • Winning Prayer

    So much has been written and said on the subject of prayer, yet very few people have been delivered from the trial and error approach to the practice of it.

    Dr. David Oyedepo in this book has outlined the principles for effectual prayer. He has laid out the covenant technicalities that make the principles efficacious.

    Now, you can say ‘Goodbye’ to religious long-drawn mumblings, and ‘Welcome’ to target and heaven-touching communications, that will stablish you in an endless winning life.


    7.000 CFA