Born to Win

By (author)David O. Oyedepo

In our world, many aspire, but very negligible few attain. Christianity dose not promise a war free ride ttrough the race of life bilievers; rather, it establishes the fact that life is warfare, not funfair.  The challenges you contend every day either make or break you; you either overcome or you are overcome.

Through problems come unendingly, they are not to edge you out of the race, they are your aides de camp to your victorious ending. Your weapon lies in embracing this truth that: you are born to win! Shake the dust off your once booming dreams and brace up for the fight anew. You are created for the top; therefore, take your place!


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Section One: Fuundation for victory

Chapter 1: There is war!

Chapter 2: The drama at calvary

Chapter 3: Your new status

Chapter 4: The fight of faith

Chapter 5: A bor winnier

Chapter 6: Getting set for your victory


Section two: Step to victory

Chapter 7: Get hold of the world

Chapter 8: Release your faith

Chapter 9: Present your case

Chapter 10: Address the situation

Chapter 11: Declare your victory

Chapter 12: Demonstrate your victory

Chapter 13: Refuse to quit

Final word: Acknowledge the receipt

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